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Band members are not just from Ontario, but represent at least 2 dozen nearby communities as well.  All adult musicians are welcome to participate, just come to the Monday evening rehersals in the Jack Mercer Band Room at Chaffey High School.  Contact Gabe Petrocelli at or at (909) 226-5748 if you are interested in membership, or simply bring your horn to a rehearsal and sit in and play.

Band Members can add their email addresses to our email list to receive band announcements.  Click here to subscribe, for members only please.

2014-2015 Membership Roster

   Jessica Baker
   Barbara Farr
   Terry Flores-Franke
   Miriam Keith
   Shawna Kleinman
   Crystal Leonard
   Pat Manganello

   Edward Bishop

   David Anderson
   Beverly Castle
   Jim Crandall
   Larry Gassner
   Chris McAleer
   Paula Reiter
   Carolyn Wheeler
   Wendy Zinner
   Evan Robinson

Bass Clarinets:
   Harold Willhite

French Horn:
   Zelne Zamora
Alto Saxophones:
   Mark Alaniz
   Christopher Cruz
   Esther Figueroa
   Douglas Hunt
   Rick Kemenesi
   Wayne Leavitt
   Catrina Leonard
   Francisco Mowatt
   Erik Nuno
   Kathy Soderlund

Tenor Saxophones:
   Robert Collins

Baritone Saxophones:
   Corey Laponis
   Earl Phares

   Larry Cariato
   King Dalton
   Taunia Falasca
   Anthony Flores
   Neal Foster
   John Knapp
   Wesley Mason
   John Misenhimer
   Jim Morgan
   Mike Pfister
   Ed Roberts
   Micah Roberts
   Gary Toms
   Luis Valdes
   Landon Abernathy
   David Abrego, Jr.
   Tom Clayton
   Bob Fox
   John Preston
   Evan Perez
   Bob Snyder
   Lowell Stark
   Michael Valentine

   Brent Decker
   Tom Hill

   Steve Ortega
   Dennis Sampson
   David Schaafsma
   Ray Trujillo

   Blane Abernathy
   Griff Browing
   Bob Mattus
   Steve Sturgis

   Elizabeth Schreib

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