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The Ontario/Chaffey Community Show Band will perform as part of "Ontario Heritage Day" in Ontario Town Center east of Euclid Avenue on the corner of "B" Street in downtown Ontario on Saturday, May 14th, 2016 at 6:30 PM.     more...

Gabe Petrocelli Jack Mercer The Ontario/Chaffey Community Show Band is based in Ontario, California, about 35 miles east of Los Angeles.  It was founded in 1985 by R. Jack Mercer and is now under the direction of Dr. Gabe Petrocelli.  Band members are not just from Ontario, but represent at least 2 dozen nearby communities as well.  Adult musicians are always welcome to participate.  Rehersals are on Monday evenings from 7 to 9:30 PM at the Chaffey High School Jack Mercer Band Room, 1245 North Euclid Avenue, just south of the Interstate 10 Freeway.  The band performs monthly concerts in the historic Gardiner W. Spring Auditorium.  All performances are free to the public. 

Be sure to check our program schedule for the 2015-2016 season.  You can view this month's newsletter or subscribe and have our newsletter delivered to your email box every month.

30th Anniversary Fundraiser

The 2015-2016 concert season has marked the 30th Year Anniversary for the Ontario Chaffey Community Show Band!  We are fortunate to have a number of sponsors who have continued to step in and provide financial support.  We thank them for their generous financial kindness.  In addition, several years ago, a non-profit organization called "The Friends of the Ontario Chaffey Community Show Band" was formed to provide assistance to the Show Band.  However, as the years progress and the Show Band continues to grow in this new millenium, additional support is necessary to keep pace with the needs of the organization and the times.

This is the first time we have initiated an online fundraiser.  We are reaching out to the community and our supporters for your generosity and support.  We'd like to raise sufficient funds to cover some or all of our ongoing operational costs as well as additional costs for the following:

  • New equipment such as sturdier music stands, PA system (higher quality speakers, monitors, microphones).
  • Musical instruments for our growing organization.
  • New music to provide more varied repertoire and concerts for our listeners.
  • Re-organizing and modernizing the Show Band Music library.
  • Honorariums for guest artists - bringing in some bigger name, more exciting featured artists!
  • Website costs: completely re-working our entire website design to a more modern look and feel and making it more user-friendly, inviting, and interactive.
  • Lithography(printing) and mailings costs.
  • Support for Show Band Staff
  • Public relations and publicity program: as we continue to move forward, we want to reach out more to the younger community of musicians to have them join us to learn with us, and help to continue to grow the legacy of the band.  Our hope is with the proper pr and publicity, we can reach out not only to the community, but to the young people in music education and encourage them to understand why the show band is such an important element in the community and in the arts.

We have recently moved into social media this year as a more effective way to reach and inform our concert goers!  If you have already joined our "new generation" of communications, please share this online fundraising effort with others who you feel may be interested in promoting the performing arts in our community.  With your assistance, you will help to ensure 30 more years of free concerts to the concert goers of our community.

Say, did you miss the last show, you can still get a DVD video!  Did you like the last show so much you want to send a tape to friends in Iowa?  DVD copies of past performances are available!  Thanks to our friends at John Knapp & Rob Van Riel Productions.

Join the band, come visit our regular rehersals every Monday night at Chaffey High School from 7-9:30 PM.

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